Product information


Why is a product on pre-order?

It means that it has not yet been released by the manufacturer. The available date is displayed on the product's page.

Can I pre-order a product?

Yes, you can, but only if it appears on our website.

Will I receive the product on the day it is released?

No, we will ship the product within 24 to 48 hours of the product release date. You also need to factor in the time it takes for the product to ship to the destination.

Will I be charged immediately for a pre-ordered product?

Please note that you will not be billed for the product at the time of your order because only bills you when the product is shipped.



Is the release date displayed on the item data exact?

The release date on the CDs and DVDs is exact. However, wherein books are concerned, it tends to be approximate.

Why are European DVDs not available on your site?

In order to control the release dates of films around the world, six different regions were created. In North America, DVDs are region 1, in Europe, region 2. Much like American films that are released first and in region 1, European films are region 2 and the distribution rights in region 1 are not always acquired for region 2 and vice-versa. Archambault's suppliers only provide region 1 DVDs.

Are magazines available on your website?

No, in order to receive periodicals at home, you must subscribe to them through the individual publishers.

Why is there so little information available on some items?

It is possible that the item is not yet available on the market or that we have never had it in stock.

Why is an item unavailable in French on the site?

There is a special exemption related to cultural and educational products as to packaging and labeling, which covers books, CDs, DVDs, audio & video tapes, and more. These products can be offered without any French content on the packaging when their content is in another language than French or that the product does not include any spoken or written language.

The exemption does not apply to a product that contains French content, which entails that the packaging and labeling must conform to the general rules. In accordance with these rules, the packaging of DVDs that provide a sound track in several languages including French must also provide packaging information in French, or in French and other languages.

Why is the difference between a widescreen and a full screen DVD?

The widescreen format is a rectangular format with varying aspect ratios that was adopted by the film industry in the 1950s. Since most television screens are full screen (4:3 ratio), these DVDs will be displayed with black matting at the top and bottom to get the entire picture; known as letterbox, which does not impact widescreen televisions (16:9) except when the aspect ratio is different. When viewing a widescreen film in the full-screen format, the picture will be cut on the sides. However and with respect to films prior to the 50s and television series (shot in full screen), the widescreen televisions will have black matting on the sides while normal televisions will provide a full image. However, full screen DVDs can be expanded on widescreen televisions, but the picture will appear enlarged.

What do I do if I am unable to find a product on the web site?

Make sure the spelling is correct. Change the search criteria in order to refine the search. It is possible that the item that you are looking for is neither in our database, nor in our suppliers' database. If this is the case, we cannot order the product for you.


MP3 Downloads

How do I find a track?

You can search for music by entering the title of the track, the title of the album, the name of the artist or keywords in the search box. You can also scroll through the musical categories or look under Picks, Essentials, New Releases, or your favourite artists.

How can I listen to an excerpt from a track?

To listen, click on the speaker icon and you will hear a 30-second clip so you can make sure it?s the track you want.

How do I download a track?

How do I download a track? If you searched for a track, after you have found it click on Download track and the download will begin immediately.

How do I download an entire album or several tracks from an album?

If you searched for an album, after you have found it click on Download album or select the tracks you want and click on Download only selected tracks. The download will begin immediately.

How long does it take to download a track?

It depends on the size of the file, the speed of your modem and the speed of your Internet connection. As a rule of thumb, downloading a 4-minute track (3.5 MB) will take:

? 28.8 kbps modem: 20-25 minutes

? 56.6 kbps modem: 10-15 minutes

? ADSL modem: 5-10 minutes

? Cable / T1 modem: 1 minute

How come there are tracks I can?t find?

We have an extensive catalogue of downloadable tracks for which we have obtained distribution rights. We are adding new titles regularly.

Can I make purchases and download tracks on any computer?

You can use your user name and password to make purchases from any computer. To download a track, the computer must meet the minimum hardware requirements specified in our Help section. However, we recommend that you download files to your main computer.

I don?t live in Canada. Can I download music from

For copyright reasons, the downloadable files available on are for distribution in Canada only. They cannot be downloaded outside Canada.

What if I download a file and it doesn?t work?

If you can?t open a file, please contact our customer service department at so we can troubleshoot the problem.

I accidentally deleted a track I downloaded. How can I get it back?

Look in your recycle bin. The track should be there. If you have emptied your recycle bin, the track is gone and you will have to buy it again. Our agreements with the music labels allow only one download. Be careful when deleting files; otherwise, you might lose your downloads. It is a good idea to burn your downloads to a CD just in case.

How do I pay for downloads?

You have to open an account. Your credit card information will be recorded securely and you will then be able to make one-click downloads of tracks or albums. For more information on opening an account click here. For more information on payment option click here

I have a gift certificate. How can I use it?

The Archambault gift certificates available at Archambault stores can be used on Use them yourself or give them as a gift. To use a gift certificate online, enter the certificate number in the appropriate field and the amount will be deducted from your purchase.


Pricing and taxes

What are the applicable sales taxes?

The purchaser agrees to pay to the seller the taxes based upon the address where the order will be shipped. An order to be sent to the U.S.A. is thus, not taxed. For an order shipped in Canada, the taxes depend upon the province; for example, for Quebec, the added taxes are QST (Quebec Sales Tax) and the GST (Goods & Services Taxes).

Does match its competitors' prices?

No,'s pricing policy is independent from its competitors.

Are the displayed prices on the site the same as those in the stores? is independent entity from the Archambault stores and offers prices that are exclusive to its transactional site. Furthermore, some special offers are specific to one store and thus, cannot be offered on the Web site.

How are the product's prices displayed?

The prices associated with our products are displayed in Canadian currency without the applicable sales taxes, which are added during the ordering process. All orders regardless of their origin are payable in Canadian currency. reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. Products are always billed on the basis of the prices at the time of the order.


eBook Purchase and Download

How are prices set for eBooks?

The sales prices are set according to market standards in collaboration with editors and distributors. The American and Canadian markets differ from the Quebec market, and hold elements and stakeholders that exert pressure, rightly or wrongly, on prices. In certain cases, prices are at par with the prices of the physical books while in other cases they are slightly or greatly inferior. French eBooks? prices, be they European or from Quebec, do not answer to defined market standards at the moment. Since they pertain to a new format, the market will rapidly evolve, and editors, distributors and retailers alike will work to adapt to the Quebec economic situation. For the moment, the price structure offered on belongs to the editors. Archambault is committed to opening up an active dialogue with its partners in order to find solutions that please all stakeholders, from the author to the reader.

In what format are the files available?

The documents are primarily available in two formats: PDF and ePub, compatible with most reading devices and the most popular operating systems.

Learn more about eBook formats and their compatibility

Is the release date of an eBook the same as the one for its printed equivalent?

Distributors set the release dates of books. Archambault releases them on according to their criteria.

What do I do to find an eBook?

You use the site?s searchbox to look up the title of the document, the name of the author, the ISBN number (or UPC code) or key terms relating to your document. You can also browse through the site?s categories or the suggestion sections, ?the collection?, the new releases or your favourite authors? section.

What must I do to download an eBook?

Once the book is found, click on the "Buy" button to the right.

Enter your payment method and then click on the "Buy and download" button. You then have the choice to download the file now by clicking the "Download the book (xx Mb)" button or later in "My account/My downloads/Retrieve downloads". IMPORTANT: You have a maximum of 90 days to download your eBook.

Choose or create the folder in which you wish to save your file. We recommend you use the folder created by installing the Adobe Digital Editions software, normally under ?C:Users[Your User Name]DocumentsMy Digital Editions?.

When downloading an ePub file with DRM onto your computer, you will notice that the given file has URLLINK.ascm as a default name. This is the link for downloading the book you can add to your Adobe Digital Editions library (or the one of your choice). We recommend that you rename this file by replacing "URLLINK" by the title of your book.

How long does the eBook take to download?

These files? sizes vary between 1 and 3 Mb. In general, the transfer can take from 1 to 2 minutes.

Can I make purchases and download from any computer or Ebook Reader ?

It is possible to buy and download eBooks on any platform that supports the Sony E-Reader or Adobe Digital Editions.

I do not live in Canada. Can I buy books on

The distribution of eBooks available on is limited to the Canadian territory. The site?s books cannot be sold outside of these limits. This constraint is due to copyright laws.

Why do I have a preapproval fee of 15.00$ on my credit card?

When you buy on, your transaction is not immediately billed. It will be billed at the end of the current day, and it is at this moment that the amount will be adjusted to the day?s purchases. The 15.00$ is a preapproved amount we have made on your credit card. In no case will this amount be billed and it will automatically be cancelled after a few days, depending on your financial institution?s delays.

Why must I accept a licence?

The licence represents your reading rights for every book. It is addressed to you personally and confirms that the intellectual property rights for the book you have purchased have been paid. This way you will be able to read your book from your application, as long as it is for your strictly personal and private use.

License agreement

General: mainly offers a digital file download service. The digital files offered by contain intellectual works (books, audio books). By way of illustration, the main digital file formats offered by to date are: PDF, EPUB.

A download consists of the transmission and reproduction, on the customer's computer hard drive, of a digital fileintegrating the work chosen by the customer. Access to these digital filesrequires use of the internet, electronic devices connected to the internet and reading software.

The general conditions of sale are set out hereinafter and are valid for the site. The customer has the option of saving and printing them.


These general conditions of sale contain the following definitions:

"Nominative information": Information concerning the customer. "Digital file":Computer file, in a defined format, allowing the representation on an electronic device of a work of the mind. On this basis, the same work offered in two different formats, such as PDF and EPUB, constitutes two distinct digital fileswhich must be purchased separately. "Download": Transmission of a digital fileintegrating the digital book selected by the customeronto an electronic device connected to the internet and its reproduction on the customer's computer hard drive for the sole purposes of reading by that customer. "Site" or "Website":Interactive electronic service operated by Groupe Archambault inc. on the internet. This interactive electronic service has been created and is managed by Groupe Archambault inc. You can contact us at the following address:
Groupe Archambault inc.
5655 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin
Montréal, Québec
H1N 1R2

Article 1:Purpose

These constitute, on this date, the general conditions of sale of the services directly marketed by, namely the definitive downloadof digital files. They apply to the exclusion of any other conditions. However, they may be amended. The applicable conditions shall then be those in force on the Site on the date the customer places an order. Consequently, the customeris invited to consult the Site regularly in order to keep informed of the most recent changes. To be authorized to place an order on the Site, you must first have reviewed and accepted these general conditions of sale, which you can print by clicking on the Print icon of the browser or by choosing Print in the file menu.

Clicking on the "Accepter" (Accept) buttonon the payment mode registration screen constitutes an electronic signature, which certifies your consent without reservation to these general conditions of saleand to the special conditions associated with the digital filesordered and on the descriptions of the ordered files presented on the Site. reserves the option to amend these general conditions of sale at any time, in whole or in part. Take the precaution of reading them upon each order in order to be aware of any change.

The special conditions of sale of each digital file (unit price, file format, etc.) and the general conditions of salewill be those in force on the Site where the order was placed on the date of confirmation of the order. Unless evidence to the contrary is provided (for example, production of a hardcopy of your order confirmation screen, including the date of purchase), the terms of the order stored by in the form of electronic records on the purchasing site will constitute proof of all of the transactions made between the customer and

These general technical conditions and restrictions, as written on the online help pages indicated above on the order date, are an integral part of these general conditions of saleand are deemed to be known and accepted at the time of the order on the Site.

In no case may a claim or request for a refund be made on the basis of ignorance or rejection of these general technical conditions and restrictions.

In particular, draws its customers' attention to the fact that digital files, with some exceptions, are protected against copying by devices called "Technical Protection Measures" or "'Digital Rights Management Systems". The files purchased and downloaded thus generally cannot be transferred freely to electronic devices other than the one used for the first download, outside the authorized transfer limits for private copying stipulated explicitly on the help pages or on the order confirmation screen. These protection devices are generally, as of this date, incompatible with certain computer environments, particularly the Linux or Unix environments.

The digital filespurchased on the Site are only intended for private use. Any collective public reproduction, representation or use is prohibited and exposes its authorto prosecution under the provisions in force of the intellectual property code.

Article 2: Protection of the Site

Any deterioration and, in the absence of authorization, any total or partial commercial representation, reproduction, modification or use of the different elements of the Site is prohibited and renders its author(s) to prosecution. These general conditions of saledo not entail any authorization to represent, reproduce, modify or use the different elements of the Site commercially.

Article 3:Changes to the Services reserves the right to make any modifications and improvements to its services that it will consider necessary or useful and will not be liable for damages of any nature that may arise therefrom. Moreover, reserves the right, without prior notice or indemnity, to terminate permanently a service or a group of services it offers on the Site and will not be liable for damages of any nature that may arise therefrom.

Article 4:Availability of the Services

The services arenormally accessible by the customer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. nonetheless reserves the right, without prior notice or indemnity, to close access to the services temporarily, and will not be liable for damages of any nature that may arise therefrom.

Article 5:Subject Customers

This interactive electronic service is accessible to persons who have the legal capacity to contract and who hold a valid personal bank card. Orders by a minor must be placed by one of his/her parents or legal representatives.

Article 6:Ordering, Payment and Delivery Process

To be able to take an online order on the Site into account, asks the customer to create a customeraccount and provide it with certain personal data necessary for the management of his/her order, which will be stored in the database solely for the requirements of such management. In particular, the following information is required for to validate an order: first name, last name, complete mailing address, email address. shall have the option of requesting additional information from the customer, such as his/her telephone number, and requesting confirmation of the order in writing and with a handwritten signature (by mail or by fax) before it can take the order into accountand process it.

In all cases, the customershall provide real and genuine information and inform of any change concerning him/her. Such information shall remain confidential and will only be used formanaging orders on the Site. The customerwill be solely responsible for the consequences of the use of his/hercustomer account until its deactivation. Any attempt to substitute a password or identifier is prohibited. The customermay print the page on which the order confirmation screen and the acceptance clause appear in order to retain the information on his/her order. The customer is invited to note his/her order number, which will be requested in case of a claim. The customer shall pay for his/her order by bank card. He/she shall access a secure page where he/she will be invited to enter his/her bank card number, the bank card expiry date and the number indicated on the back of the card (visual cryptogram). For greater transfer security, the customer's bank card number shall be encrypted.

As soon as the download links are sent, the purchases of digital files on the Site shall be deemed firm and final and may not give rise to any exchange or refund.

The customertakes note that the seven day cancellation periodprovided under section 54.8 of the Consumer Protection Act, R.S.Q., Chapter P-40.1 shall not apply from the time has accepted and executed the customer's order by sending download links, which constitutes final delivery of the product. Should difficulties arise, and in particular in the event that the customer does not receive access to the download links associated with his/her customer account, he/she may contact Customer Service at the email address

Article 7: Prices

Prices posted on the Site are exclusive of provincial and federal taxes. Taxes will be calculated and displayed before final confirmation of the order.

Article 8:Copyright Protection

The digital filespurchased on the Site are protected by Technical Protection Measures or "Digital Rights Management Systems", i.e., protection systems allowing control of their use and, in particular, their copying. They aim to offer the customer maximum flexibility in the use of the downloaded recordings while protecting the rights of the authors, performers and publishers of the works.

The information regarding the rights to print or cut and pastedigital files, transfer digital files to different devices, and run voice synthesis software are mentioned in the data sheets of the digital files. The customershall not bypass or impair the technology controlling use of the downloaded digital filesand any device with the same purpose.

Any person who attempts to bypass these Measures shall be liable to the penalties provided by law. More generally, any use outside the framework defined in these general conditions would amount to an act of infringement, which exposes the customerto civil or penal prosecution under the statutory and regulatory provisions in force.

Article 9: Confidentiality and Protection of Information

The information collected about the customerupon creating his/her account and ordering is intended for

It is necessary for the management of the commercial relationship between the customer and (downloads, after-sale service , etc. ). The customerwill be able to create his/her account if he/she refuses to provide the information requested at this stage. If the customerobjects to the retention of the data regarding his/her orders, will be compelled to deactivate his/her accountto be able to act on his/her request.

Article 10: Cookies automatically collects customer information by means of cookies that track browsing on the Site. Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers transferred to the customer's computer hard drive via the internet browser and allowing to recognize said browser and thus offer the customer more innovative and attractive functions. If the customer'scomputer configuration blocks cookies during the ordering process, the order will not be taken into account.

Article 11:Liability

It is clearly understood that's obligations under the offer of services presented on the Site are obligations of means. This means that: may not be held liable for the limits of the internet and, in particular, its technical performance and the response times to consult, query or transfer data. shall use its best efforts to secure the Site. Nonetheless, since no site is inviolable, may not be held liable if undesirable data are imported and installed on the Site without its knowledge or if conversely the data transmitted by the customerto manage his/her order are diverted for illicit use by third parties. Consequently, the customertakes note that, when he/she communicates information considered to be confidential on the Site, this communication will be at his/her own risk. Moreover, the customer is responsible for taking any appropriate measures in order to protect his/her own data and software from contamination by eventual computer viruses and shall in no event be held liable for eventual damages likely to result therefrom, such asloss of data or deterioration of computer equipment. In certain countries, the laws in force prohibit or restrict free access to certain works of the mind; the customer shall verify that, under the law of the place where the order and/or downloadand online reading occur, no such prohibitions or restrictions exist on the digital filespurchased. may not be held liable due to the illicit nature of the order, the downloadof the digital filespurchased or the use the customermakes of them. may not be held liable for any eventual malfunction occurring at the time of the downloadof the digital filespurchased which is not due to its actions (bearing in mind that it is the customer's responsibility to establish that such malfunction is due to the actions of Nonetheless, should difficulties arise, shall make every effort to enable the customers to access reading of the digital filespurchased and invites its customers to contact it by email. In any event, the extent of the liability of will be limited to the purchase value of the digital filesordered and paid for which the customer could not access after requesting the assistance of and after meeting all the technical restrictions indicated by on the online help pages, provided that the customer can prove it. reserves the right to close the Site temporarily or permanently, without prior notice or indemnity.

Article 12: Deactivation of Customer Account reserves the option of deactivating the customer account as of right, without prior notice or indemnity, in the following cases:

  • non-compliance by the customerwith the general conditions of saleand the general conditions of use,
  • non-payment by the customerof amounts due or illicit cancellation of payment due after sending of the order confirmation email,
  • non-compliance by the customerwith the provisions of the intellectual property code, actions contrary to the interests of

Customers who wish to deactivate their account shall inform by means of an email request to:
Groupe Archambault inc.
5655 Avenue Pierre de Coubertin
Montréal, Québec
H1N 1R2 shall deactivate the account within 48 hours from receipt of such request.

Article 13: Applicable Laws - Disputes

These general conditions are subject to the Consumer Protection Act. In case of dispute and after an attempt to seek a negotiated solution, the Quebec Superior Court will have sole jurisdiction. If anyprovision of these general conditions of saleis found to be contrary to law by a court of competent jurisdiction, the other provisions shall remain fully applicable.



Do all instruments benefit from free delivery for any purchase, starting at $39?

Certain products in the instrument category benefit from free delivery for any purchase, starting at $39 before taxes. The other products in the instrument category have fixed delivery charges. Each product?s description indicates the type of delivery.

Restrictions may apply to the delivery of certain products for the Northwest Territories, Yukon, Newfoundland, Labrador, Nunavut and rural and/or remote regions. Any order to be delivered to these locations will be validated by our staff and you will be notified of any eventual extra delivery charge before we proceed to ship the order.

See the Shipping section for more information.

Is it possible to have an instrument order delivered outside of Canada? currently delivers instruments only within Canada.

Why are the prices of certain instruments not posted?

Online retailers like have the right to set their own prices independently, and some manufacturers impose restrictions on how these prices can be communicated. For more information on these products, call one of our representatives at 1-877-849-8589, or 514-845-8489 if you are in the Montreal region.

Why can?t certain instruments be added to the shopping cart?

Some manufacturers impose restrictions on how certain products can be ordered. If a product cannot be added to the shopping cart, the way to order this product will be indicated clearly in its description.

Product images

The photos and illustrations offered by are indicative and do not constitute a contractual description of the products? features. The products delivered to you may differ in size, shape and colour from the photos and illustrations posted on the website.


See the Returns section.


See the Sales Conditions section.