Queen's court


Éditeur : Riverbank press

ISBN : 9781896332222

Genre : Fiction

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Louise Bingham, recently widowed and sufficiently well-off, decides to leave stuffy old Victoria and move back to Montreal. Into her mid-sixties, she has decided to play the tape backwards and revisit the friends and family she left behind many years earlier. Newly installed in a downtown co-op, she has to fend off a well-meaning but officious cousin, an over-bearing (and possibly criminal) neighbour, and a former lover all while making discoveries about herself and her only son by a former marriage.

Told in a breezy tone with great good humour (you''ll laugh on every page) Queen's Court is vintage Edward O. Phillips the Oscar Wilde of Canada, according to The Globe and Mail and his readers will be more than delighted that he has a new book out.


Titre exact : Queen's court

Catégorie : Fiction

Date de parution : 13 mars 2007

Éditeur : Riverbank press

ISBN : 9781896332222


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