lol :-) - Saison 1

Paquin, Pierre

Model : TVAD00797

Genre : Québec Cinema

Format : DVD

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About this product

lol :-) is a series of comic and punchy visual sketches of 15 to 90 seconds each. From common situations to mythological characters, from the invention of the wheel to space odyssey, lol :-) explores many topics and takes the viewers through different atmospheres and filming styles. The end is always surprising and hilarious.


Original title : LOL saison 1

Category : Québec Cinema

Release date : May 15, 2012

Studio : Tva films

Format : DVD

Length : 300

Sound tracks : French

Number of disks : 2

Artist : Paquin, Pierre

ACH003097763 | ACH003097763 | ACH420002010000

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