Shoka:chants japonais pour enfants

Damrau, Diana/ Nagano, Kent/ Orchestre Symphonique De Montréal

Catalog number : AN29130

Genre : Singers

Format : Compact Discs

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Format :
Track Number Name Artist / Band Length
1. nanatsu no ko (Sept bébés) 01:58
2. amefuri otsukisan (Lune dans la pluie) 02:42
3. soushunfu (Chant d'un début de printemps) 02:59
4. aoime no niñgyou (Poupée aux yeux bleus) 01:27
5. tsukimisoo no hana (L??nothère) 02:21
6. jyuugoya otsukisañ (Ma chère pleine lune) 01:45
7. hanakage (À l?ombre des fleurs) 04:01
8. yuuyake koyake (Ciel embrasé) 01:42
9. haruyo koi (Viens, printemps!) 01:16
10. sumidagawa (Sur le fleuve Sumida) Instrumental 02:47
11. akatoñbo (Libellules rouges) 02:43
12. akai kutsu (Souliers rouges) 02:28
13. oboro zukiyo (Lune brumeuse) 02:01
14. natsuwa kinu (L?été est arrivé) 02:50
15. hanayome ningyou (Poupée de mariée) 03:02
16. chin chin chidori (Fantaisie orchestrale sur «Chin, chin, chidori») Instrumental 03:25
17. hamachidori (Pluviers de plage) 02:33
18. dokokade haruga (Où est le printemps?) 01:55
19. chin chin chidori (Chin, chin, chidori) 04:08
20. suna yama (Dunes) 02:51
21. sakura (Sakura, sakura) 02:29
22. ano-machi kono-machi (Cette ville et celle d?ailleurs) 01:51
Volume : 30%
Total : 22 tracks

About this product

One day, Kent Nagano listened carefully when his wife was singing a children’s song to his daughter. The song told a chapter of Japanese history previously unknown to him; It told of emotion, tenderness, love – and bitterness. In Japan, the song that enchanted Nagano is commonly known as “Shoka”, or school hymn. It, and many others, are based on famous Japanese poetry, but are composed in the western musical style. With the participation of the great German soprano, Diana Damrau. Music composed by Jean-Pascal Beintus. Shoka : Haunting and beautiful!

01. nanatsu no ko (Sept bébés / Seven Little Ones)
02. amefuri otsukisan (Lune dans la pluie / Moon in the Rain)
03. soushunfu (Chant d’un début de printemps / Song of Early Spring)
04. aoime no niñgyou (Poupée aux yeux bleus / Blue-eyed Doll)
05. tsukimisoo no hana (L’oenothère / Evening Primrose)
06. jyuugoya otsukisañ (Ma chère pleine lune / Dear Old Full Moon)
07. hanakage (À l’ombre des fleurs / In the Shadow of Flowers)
08. yuuyake koyake (Ciel embrasé / Burning Sunset)
09. haruyo koi (Viens, printemps ! / Spring, Come Soon!)
10. sumidagawa (Sur le fleuve Sumida / On the Sumida River) Instrumental
11. akatoñbo (Libellules rouges / Red Dragonflies)
12. akai kutsu (Souliers rouges / Red Shoes)
13. oboro zukiyo (Lune brumeuse / Blurry Moon)
14. natsuwa kinu (L’été est arrivé / Summer has Come)
15. hanayome ningyou (Poupée de mariée / Bridal Doll)
16. chin chin chidori (Fantaisie orchestrale sur « Chin, chin, chidori » / Orchestral Fantasy on “Chin, Chin, Chidori”) Instrumental
17. hamachidori (Pluviers de plage / Beach Plovers)
18. dokokade haruga (Où est le printemps ? / Where is Spring?)
19. chin chin chidori (Chin, chin, chidori / Chin, Chin, Chidori)
20. suna yama (Dunes / Dunes)
21. sakura (Sakura, sakura / Sakura, Sakura)
22. ano-machi kono-machi (Cette ville et celle d’ailleurs / This Town, That Town)


Album title : Shoka:chants japonais pour enf

Artist / Band : Damrau, Diana/ Nagano, Kent/ Orchestre Symphonique De Montréal

Release date : September 16, 2014

Label : Analekta

Genre : Singers

Format : Compact Discs

Total length : 00:55:14

Number of disks : 1

Product number : An29130


Artist : VAR.-CHANT

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Music > Classical > Singers

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