Poulette, Michel

Model : TVA02132

Genre : Science-fiction

Format : DVD

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In the aftermath of a bloody confrontation between her band and the Inuits, Maïna, daughter of Grand Chief Mishte-Napeu, finds herself on a mission. In order to fulfill a promise made to her friend Matsii, Maïna has to follow the trail of her enemies to retrieve Nipki, Matsii's son who has been captured by the Inuits. She is taken captive herself by Natak, the Inuit clan's leader, and forced to travel with them to the Land of Ice.


Category : Science-fiction

Release date : December 16, 2014

Studio : Tva films

Format : DVD

Sound tracks : Iu_fr

Subtitles : French, English

Number of disks : 1

Artist : Poulette, Michel



ACH003599414 | ACH003599414 | ACH420003060550

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