Bud powell, classic recordings 1949-1956 (4cd)
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Bud powell, classic recordings 1949-1956 (4cd)


Bud powell, classic recordings 1949-1956 (4cd)


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*** Résumé en anglais seulement *** A leading figure in the development of bebop piano, the story of Bud Powell is as tragic as it is inspirational. A renowned composer who greatly extended the range of jazz harmony, Powell's career was marred by a host of mental and physical problems that severely hampered his work as the years progressed. However, his contributions to jazz will forever be remembered with awe, and for the countless major players - including Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea - who cited him as an important influence, ensuring his legacy remains as potent as that of any of the jazz greats. Born in Harlem, New York on 27th September 1924. Powell's father, an accomplished stride pianist, enrolled Bud in classical lessons at the age of five, which led to him taking an interest in swing-era jazz by the time he reached ten. He began to mimic Fats Waller's playing style, performing at rent parties in the local area, before joining his elder brother, trumpeter William's, band at 15. It was around this time that he discovered the musician who would become his biggest influence, Art Tatum, and it was Tatum's virtuoso piano style that Powell strove to emulate. He began to visit many of New York's famous jazz clubs when still underage, to catch performances by Tatum, Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk. The latter musician took the young Powell under his wing, and presented him as his protégée at Uptown House, while also introducing him to the group of musicians that gathered at Milton's Playhouse - pioneering venues on the early bebop scene. This period would have a profound effect on both pianists, and Monk composed the piece 'In Walked Bud' in tribute to their time together. This four disc set brings together the complete early LPs that Bud Powell released as leader or co-leader. Containing eight full albums in total, this set provides a fitting introduction to the music of the brilliant albeit troubled pianist, who so profoundly influenced further generations of jazz players.
Bud powell, classic recordings 1949-1956 (4cd)
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