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*** Résumé en anglais seulement *** It began with a piece which I fell in love with: Eugène Ysaÿes Poème élégiaque. You have to tune the bottom violin string a tone lower. That explains the dark character, which you hear particularly in the middle, which is a funeral march. Ysaÿe dedicated it to Gabriël Fauré. And so the idea for this CD was born: violin music by composers who honoured and inspired one another. The composers featured on this CD knew and respected one another. You can imagine them enjoying a glass of wine together in a cafe or a conversation in a salon. That sort of connection appeals to me, for today artists tend to work on their own. I often think about setting up a contemporary salon, a place where colleagues meet regularly and talk about art, discovering new things and inspiring each other. Is this a romantic CD? The word sounds a little inadequate, too flowery and sentimental. Romanticism can be a very serious matter. Sturm und Drang, love and death, profound emotions, feelings, feelings, feelings. This is my first CD on the 'Barrere' Stradivarius dating from 1727. It has a warm, round tone, or rather: all sorts of sound layers with which I can express all those romantic emotions. I hope that the listener will come into contact with his own emotions. Or to put it more strongly: that he will catch a glimpse of his own soul. Rosanne Philippens is considered one of the greatest violinists in the Netherlands. Her open and communicative style of performance won her first prizes at competitions including the Dutch National Violin Competition (Amsterdam Concertgebouw 2009) and the Freiburg International Violin Competition (2014). Rosanne has the honour to play on the Barrere Stradivarius (1727) from the Elise Mathilde Foundation, the violin that Janine Jansen used to play for the past fifteen years.
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