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*** Résumé en anglais seulement *** 2 COMPLETE CLASSIC RADIO BROADCASTS FROM 1990 & 1992 Their first album - Facelift, released on 21st August 1990 - was not an instant success, reaching only No. 42 on the Billboard 200 chart. However, the addition of Man In The Box to MTV s daytime rotation boosted sales exponentially. The single, along with follow up Sea Of Sorrow , reached 18 and 27 on Billboard respectively, and subsequently the band sold 10 times as many copies of Facelift in six weeks as they had done in the previous six months. Almost two years after the release of their debut, Alice In Chains returned to the studio in March 1992 to record their sophomore record, Dirt. Released on 29th September that year, the album was an emphatic success, receiving widespread critical acclaim for its heavier, darker feel and it remains their highest selling release to date. This CD contains two complete shows, one apiece from the tours supporting the group s first and second records, often considered two of the most important albums in modern American alternative rock. The first is taken from a performance at The La Reina Sheraton Hotel in L.A. on 15th September 1990, shortly after the release of Facelift, while the second was captured at The Hollywood Palladium on 15th December 1992, hot on the heels of their Dirt album. Broadcast over local FM radio at the highest possible audio quality, and featuring such classics as Man In The Box , Sea Of Sorrow , We Die Young and Would? , this collection will not only be a welcome addition for the Alice In Chains faithful, but equally a fascinating insight into the golden years of the grunge movement itself.
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