Doctor who: comp series 6
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Doctor who: comp series 6

Doctor who: comp series 6

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*** Résumé en anglais seulement *** This is the *Complete* Sixth Series featuring everything from where the Complete Fifth Series leaves off. It's not just Part 1:Doctor Who: Series Six, Part One [Blu-ray] & Part 2: Doctor Who: The Sixth Series - Part 2 [Blu-ray], but also the Christmas Special Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol [Blu-ray] which preceded it. The 14 episodes are as follows: A Christmas Carol The Impossible Astronaut The Day of the Moon The Curse of the Black Spot The Doctor's Wife (not who you think) The Rebel Flesh The Almost People A Good Man Goes to War Let's Kill Hitler Night Terrors The Girl Who Waited The God Complex Closing Time The Wedding of River Song Slightly more than the sum of the parts, but to quote River Song, "it's early days" and the price should go down from competition. I have mine on order so I can capture any price drops. :-) Also included are the following extras (for the first time available): Extras: Meanwhile in the Tardis feature - Newly filmed scenes telling what happens between the episodes: Bad Night (Runtime: 3m 37s) Good Night (Runtime: 4m 50s) First Night (Runtime: 2m 13s) Last Night (Runtime: 3m 32s) Up All Night (Runtime: 1m 55s) Comic Relief 2011 mini episodes - Space and Time (Approx. 8m; These are worth watching multiple times!) Prequels: The Impossible Astronaut (Runtime: 1m 48s) Curse of the Black Spot (Runtime: 1m 23s) A Good Man Goes to War (Runtime: 1m 36s) Let's Kill Hitler (Runtime: 1m 55s) The Wedding of River Song (Runtime: 1m 11s) Doctor Who Confidential featurettes - An inside look at each episode (Note: These are shortened versions of "Doctor Who Confidential", lasting about 10 minutes each, not the original 45 minute versions shown only in the UK. I've always been disappointed in this.) Monster Files featurettes - Get under the skin and inside the minds of the new Doctor's most challenging opponents Audio commentaries Trailers and Trails feature UPDATE (Oct 9th): What it does NOT contain is the "Doctor Who at the Proms 2010" Special that was included with the Christmas Carol single. While disappointing, it is still nice to have the bevy of previously unreleased material.
Doctor who: comp series 6
94,99 $
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