The 100 kilo case
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The 100 kilo case


The 100 kilo case


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Peter Daly left Donegal and went to the United States. After a year working, followed by a stint in the US Army, (which included service during the Korean conflict), he joined the NYPD. His beat was the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in the 1960s and 70s when the city was experiencing one of its worst crime-waves. In his sector, there was no shortage of pimps, hookers, drug dealers and killers and Daly met them all - from cop-killer Mad Dog Frankie Falco to notorious Murder Incorporated hitman Red Levine. In the Sixties the War on Drugs was New York City's main policy and with an arrest rate second to none Daly was earmarked for the Special Investigating Unit - the Princes of the City. In 1970 Daly made the SIUs biggest drug busts - 105 kilos of pure heroin and cocaine - but only 100 kilos were surrendered. It was the time of the Knapp Commission, crusading district attorney's and turn-around cops. The SIU was one of the casualties and came under federal investigation. With indictments pending in the '100 kilo case' Daly fled to Ireland, where there was no extradition law to the US. Visiting a relative in England during the IRAs bombing campaign Daly was arrested by the British Special Branch. After a six-month legal fight Daly was extradited to the US to face corruption charges. Though offered immunity if he turned informer Daly declined, and in the underworld and the prison system he became known as 'The Quiet Man,' - no cops or mobsters would go to jail on his evidence. In New York's West Street Jail he shared the cell and enjoyed the protection of mafia boss Tom Di Bella. Sentenced to 10 years, Daly served his time in Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary. Housed on 'Mafia Row' Daly's protectors were notorious gangsters like the Lufthansa robber Jimmy 'the Gent' Burke, Benny Ong, 'the Godfather of Chinatown,' and top mafia drug dealer Charlie Brody. As a man of esteem Daly lost everything - his wife, family and his American dream. Peter Daly's story is a remarkable journey from the small town of Ballyshannon to the dizzy heights of New York detective stardom. From his remarkable rise to top cop to his spectacular fall as a convicted felon, Daly's story seems the stuff of Hollywood scriptwriters. The only thing
The 100 kilo case
24,99 $
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